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 "What has your child made with their hands this week?"

This week my students have been working on all manner of projects, problem solving, using materials and working collaboratively... one group added to their shadow puppet cast of characters...



 and cooked up stories, dress rehearsals took place (next week show to adults),




About my classes

The children in my classes (based in Walkley) make a lot with their hands and minds when they come to their art class each week....Our projects are varied, we have fun but we also work hard.  The children are given challenges and use materials they would not otherwise have the opportunity to use .   A year ago this term in our art classes we werema king some large collaborative 1.2 m square prints and 1m x 2m drawings inspired by rainforest and lush green - it was the growing season!


We have also been printmaking on a smaller scale, making indivdual pieces and making and decorating rainforest inspired clay tiles...




Below - a favourite with my classes -one they still talk about 2 years later: The Jabberwocky (a masasive individual drawing project that took over a term to complete!)

The little ART studio offers high quality visual arts classes and workshops to children, teens and adults. Set up in 2012 to give access to engaging art learning for all ages.


Bob and Roberta Smith


What does physically engaging in making art give to my children?

Self Expression

Confidence in making decisions

Independence of thought

Problem solving - and realising that there is not always just one solution!

An understanding of the breadth of possibilities....

Continued curiosity


Understanding of the physical world

Risk taking

Broadening an understanding of our environment - and that everything around us (outside of nature) has been made or designed by a person!

Communication of ideas and thoughts

Making them stop and look for a minute in a fast, driven world

Brings back childhood...



We explore materials through fun projects - revisiting them from time to time to build on our knowledge.  Children are encouraged to start working more independently as they grow in confidence, making choices and solving problems using their creativity and initiative.  This helps children to further develop a stronger sense of self. By physically engaging in this way with the world, the children are learning about their materials using a wide range of techniques as well as to develop an undertanding of personal and strong visual responses.  Growing up with a knowledge of materials gives children a proper foothold on their world.

There is a good socially inclusive atmosphere within the groups and the students are inspired and motivated which is a pleasure and a priveledge to work with.

Special needs are welcome - of course! - but I may ask for you to accompany your child depending on the circumstance.


Drawing - Printmaking - Painting - Collage 


Ceramics - 3d construction and manipulation - Wire - Modroc - Felt making 


The Teacher


Eleanor Somerset (B.A. Fine Art (painting and drawing), PGCE (secondary Art and Design) has extensive experience working as an artist educator both within the curriculum / schools and beyond it.  She worked as a teacher of Art in a large comprehensive secondary school in Rotherham until 2005 as well as previously having worked for four years as the Art teacher on two Barnardos Projects (Rotherham). Through her breadth of art teaching and experience as an artist, she has a full working knowledge of the technology behind teaching / learning development and the creative process.

Her painting has been funded by the Arts Council (through both a Development grant and a subsequent major Making and Showing grant). Immediately after graduating, she exhibited her painting alongside Damien Hirst and Rachel Whiteread in the 1987 Whitworth Young Contemporaries, a national selection of young promising artists.

Also prior to teaching, she ran a successful Trompe l'oeil mural business for fifteen years, with a client list including Wakefield Royal Opera House and  Rotherham Arts Centre and a large portfolio of private clients across the UK and as far as UAE. 

Her own personal work (currently on hold - whilst still with pre-school son) is semi-abstract (paintings, drawings and monoprints). Pushing boundaries has always figured within her work and she continues this tradition throughout her teachinng.  Building a relationship with her students allows positive critical feedback to be given and encouraged also between the students.

Eleanor was also the Arts Co-ordinator for the Arts for Health Project at the Northern General Hospital where she set up and ran the successful Clocktower Gallery which still show-cases artists work throughout the region.

She is a mother to two young boys (10 and 4) and holds a current DBS certificate.

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AccessArt is a charity committed to furthering the advancement of education in the visual arts.Several of projects my classes have made can be seen on their art education resource site as an art resource to teachers and other artists, artist-educators:

Thankyou ACCESSART!!

Currently there are weekly children's classes for young people 8-12 and 10 - 16 year olds and adult classes

arts award centre 



Ellie has been awarded the Access Art star in the first week of the star being launched!... the Access Art star is awarded to people who the Access Art team feel are working at grassroots level and have demonstrated particular commitment, enthusiasm or motivation in inspiring others through visual arts education.

Thank you Access Art for helping keep the spirit of inventive and creative art teaching alive through their wonderful resources website. 

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